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Suction: The single most important aspect of a duct cleaning vacuum. It’s true, most portables don’t offer enough suction to do a good job in a respectable time frame. Our portables are no ordinary portables! 

The 220 Volt Hybrid offers double the suction of most other portables, meaning you will get suction comparable to what many duct trucks are providing at the furnace while getting all the conveniences of a portable duct cleaning vacuum. The power of a duct truck in a vac the size of your coffee table!

The Hybrid is designed by people who actually do duct cleaning. They know how important factors such as size and weight can be on a job. At just 22” in diameter it fits through any doorway and it can break apart easily to get into tight spaces.

Full Throttle brings its portable vacuum system equipped with 2” HEPA filter right into your mechanical room and can effectively capture the dust and debris right in your home!

The only thing running through your door is a small ¾ inch hose.  In homes with an attached garage, the technicians can run that ¾ inch hose right from their vans through your garage door and then close the garage door.  Technicians can work for two to four hours with the furnace off and only lose one or two degrees of heat. Full Throttle puts its experience and industry leading equipment to the test on the coldest winter days to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Portable vacuums are invaluable in both residential and large-scale commercial/industrial jobs because of their portability.

Not every tool is right for every job. That’s why we assess the job and use the right tool.

Call Full Throttle Furnace & Duct Cleaning Inc. to find out which tool is right for your job.


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